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What to Remember When Things Don't Go Your Way — Part Two

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Jonah Guided Experience Bible Study
Jonah Guided Experience Bible Study

God created you to make a difference in the world—to fulfill a mission only you can accomplish. And we’re excited to help you do that by sending you a brand-new Bible study from Pastor Rick called Rising to God’s Call: A Journey through Jonah. In this study, Pastor Rick reveals how the story of Jonah is like a blueprint from God, showing how he is actively working in your life to help you discover and complete the purpose he has for you. And just like Jonah, you’ll find that pursuing God’s mission for your life is the greatest adventure you’ll ever go on! So request Rising to God’s Call: A Journey through Jonah when you give to help Daily Hope share the life-transforming Word of God with the world.  And thank you for your generosity!