Destined for Victory

Living by the J.O.Y. Principle, Part 2

Destined for Victory con Paul Sheppard

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Wisdom That Is Caught Not Taught Vol.2 (book)
Wisdom That Is Caught Not Taught Vol.2 (book)

In “Wisdom that is Caught, notTaught,” Pastor Paul Sheppardshows how to discover Lord’sultimate purpose by steppingout in faith and receiving themantle of divine purpose andpower. Elisha’s story alsodemonstrates how success isattainable when we keep ourpriorities in order and reinforcethe positive mentor-menteerelationships in our lives. Thelife of faith is not without itschallenges and pitfalls, butElisha’s experience reinforcesthe truth that every believerwho is committed to standingon the promises of God can livevictoriously and make a positivedifference in this world.