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The Grace Walk Devotional
The Grace Walk Devotional

Since 1995, Steve McVeys Grace Walk (over 250,000 sold) has inspired Christians to leave behind performance- and fear-based Christianity and embrace God in all His generosity and grace. Steve's devotional draws on Scripture and the Grace Walk message, enabling readers to take in life-changing teaching piece by piece and day by day. As they grasp that God's grace is immensely more than a doctrine, they will discover: why its all right to give up on themselves and their efforts; new ways to quit doing for God so that He can live through them; and how to view the Bible, salvation, and evangelism from a new perspective. This power-packed book will lead believers to understand who they are in Christ, help them relax and delight in Jesus love and friendship, and find that He will do more through them and in them than they could ever do for Him or for themselves.