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Decisions & The Point of No Return
Decisions & The Point of No Return

Decisions - In this five-part series, Rick Renner walks you through important decisions you need to make regarding your diet, fitness, finances, relationships, and your walk with God. These decisions will affect everything else in your life. If you do well in these areas, your whole life will go well. But if you do not do well in these areas, your entire life will be troubled. So making right decisions about these five categories is imperative for you to live a blessed life. | The Point of No Return - In his classic and updated message, The Point of No Return, Rick Renner presents a clear, no-nonsense approach to help you prepare for and carry out each new assignment God gives you in pursuit of His purpose for your life. God's grace is sufficient, and His wisdom will instruct and equip you to do His will. Are you willing to trust Him by stepping out to cross your own personal point of no return?