Radio Luz Dallas

1440 AM KTNO

Dallas, TX


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Radio Luz 1440 AM is a powerhouse 50,000 watt AM station located deep in South Dallas. We serve the Hispanic community of the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We are advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible centered teachings from National and local ministry partners. Some of our roster of quality teachers are Charles Stanley and Chuck Swindol nationally as well as Exito en La Famila, De Mujer A Mujer and Camino A La Victoria locally. The station has been in the market as a Hispanic Teaching and Talk station for over 25 strong years now. Portion of our lineup: • Iglesia Nuevo Pacto • Exito En La Familia 7:30 am • Un Café Con Caro 8:00 am • Templo Betania 8:30am • Insight For Living ( Vision Para Vivir) 9 am • Caminando En El Reino 9:30 am • In Touch Ministries (En Contacto) 11:30 am • Por Fin Soy Libre Jason Frenn 1 pm • Buenas Nuevas Para La Familia 2 pm

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